RM 50. That’s all it takes to secure a child’s future.


That’s all it takes to secure a child’s future.


Every day, Malaysian children are at risk.

Research finds that properly fitted helmets can reduce the risk of a fatal head injuries by nearly 70%. Despite this, statistics from the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research show that only 3% of Malaysian children wear helmets when riding pillion on their way to school. Whether it's the cost and accessibility of buying a helmet, or the lack of awareness and education regarding road safety, clearly, more must be done to ensure the safety of our children.

This is a movement to educate over 200,000 children in 200 schools in the B40 group about road safety and the importance of helmets, while equipping over 50,000 children with the right-sized helmets. Learn more about the Adiwira Topi Keledar Programme here.

We can make real change by instilling positive behaviours on school children about the importance of motorcycle helmets.
— Derek Roberts, CEO of AmGeneral Insurance


The cost of a child-sized helmet.

That’s roughly the same as four cups of boba, three tickets to the movies, or a dinner for two. By supporting this cause, you’re contributing to the safety, education and future of children all over Malaysia.


Helmets On.

Whether you can sponsor a helmet, or just simply spread the word, your support is worth more to the lives of these children.


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