The Adiwira Topi Keledar Programme


Earlier in March, MyPerintis, Kurnia Insurance and the Education Ministry launched the Adiwira Topi Keledar Pilot Programme -  an initiative that educates schoolchildren about the importance of helmets and equips them against the dangers of road-related accidents. The program was a well-received success - educating over 27,000 children and distributing over 1,600 child-sized helmets to 30 primary schools in the B40 group, in Johor Bharu, Kota Bharu and the Klang Valley. 

Following the successful pilot programme, the initiative has been renewed with the support of BFM89.9. Together, we hope to educate more than 200,000 children in 200 B40 schools nationwide about road safety, and equip at least 50,000 children with the right-sized helmets.

Change needs to happen now, and we need help and support from all Malaysians.
— Derek Roberts, CEO of AmGeneral Insurance
Adiwira Topi Keledar - Topi Keledar Pembela Ceria

Who is MyPerintis?

MyPerintis is an NGO that empowers the youth through education, employability and entrepreneurship. It aims to impact the world by advocating meaningful and progressive change while supporting and guiding Malaysian youths towards the right opportunities.


How You Can Help

A child-sized helmet costs RM50, or roughly the same as a haircut, a bucket of fried chicken, or 3 Grande frappuccinos. With your support and donations, together, we can make a difference.

If you can’t commit to a donation, you can also pledge your support by spreading the message on social media, and have your name on our wall of heroes.